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HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet. It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard &created in 1990 and standardized as HTML 4 as of 1997. HTML5 is a response to the observation that the HTML and XHTML in common use on the World Wide Web. it is also an attempt to define a single markup language that can be written in either HTML or XHTML syntax it extends, improves and rationalises the markup available for application programming interfaces (APIs) for complex web applications.The most powerful feature of  HTML5 is that it’s able to run on low-powered devices such as smartphones and tablets. so designer & developer can create a application or web page which campatiable to all devices. they can show their ideas on every devices efficiently . It is a new version of the language HTML, with new elements, attributes, and behaviors,it have more powerful & largerset of technologies that allow more impactful & powerful web application & websites. HTML5 technologies, classified into several groups based on their function.


Function like :-

1) Semantics: allowing you to describe more precisely what your content is.
2) Connectivity: to communicate with the server in easy & securely ways.
3) Offline & Storage: in this function user can store  data  on client-side locally and operate offline.
4) Multimedia: in open web making video and audio first-class citizens
5) 2D/3D Graphics & Effects:allows designer to represent data in efficiently;
6) Styling: allow to authors to write more complex themes.

Html5 have so many new feature to create a theme in easy way & logically; HTML5 adds many new syntactic features. These include the new elements of <video>, <audio> and <canvas> , as well as the unification of scalable vector graphics (SVG) content that replaces the uses of generic <object> tags. HTML5 have function of MathML for mathematical formulas to use mathematical formulas in we page or application. These features are helps to include and handle multimedia and graphical content on the web without having to resort to JavaScript. Other new elements are <section>, <article>, <header> and <nav>, are designed to enrich the semantic content of documents. <a>, <cite> and <menu> have been changed.

HTML5 have so many good  & new feature,but their are some limitation of HTML5
such as In HTML5 Local data storage is limited &  Local data can be manipulated.
When Web app is connected to the Internet, it can continually save data to the cloud but When it’s offline, changes aren’t always stored in the cloud. to run HTML5 Hardware have new challenges. Older browser are not able to support it.

Posted on July 18th, 2013

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