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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)is a style sheet language used to control the style and layout of Web pages. CSS3 is the latest version for CSS.CSS 3 is divided into several separate parts called “modules”. Each module part extends new features defined in CSS 2.The first CSS3 addition were published in June 1999.because of modularization, it’s different modules have different stability and statuses. There are over fifty CSS3 modules published from the CSS Working Group.CSS3 have so many features which helps us to build complex, flexible layouts more easy way and logically also.css3 have so many feature which is good to create a complex design in easiest way, which make best impact on users, mostly modules of css3 supports all browsers.CSS3 offers new ways to create a better design with your ideas, with quite a few changes. CSS3 have special effects, animations, transitions, gradients – all the content we’ve traditionally fallen back on graphics and animation software. CSS3, the first revision to cascading style sheets to handheld smartphones and tablets.

CSS3 have so many feature like:-


1) Border Radius
Border radius is a tag which we can use as it has the smallest impact on users with older browsers. With this tag we can leave a beautiful impact on users & with it we can utilize a div or an image in flexible manner.


2) Colors
CSS3 have support for rgba (Red, Green, Blue, Alpha) and hsla (Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Alpha) color code. with these code we can use opacity of color ; before it would only be possible to apply opacity to whole element; & more browser also supports these color code;


This property also use to add shadow to text or image element & we can also add blur option;in this we can define color in rgba and hsla color code;
4)Multiple Backgrounds
Multiple Backgrounds allows us to create a complex design in easy & logically way;


for example:-

background: url([image]) [position] [repeat], url([image]) [position] [repeat];


5)Background Size
Background Size is also another tag have a feature to set a size of background of a div or image .in this module you can supply both the width and height of the image or a div very easly;

in short css3 is best of css3 to design your complex desing in easy way, you can say new genration’s version of CSS.

Posted on July 18th, 2013

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